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About the Company


Our mission is to provide a means for learning, self-expression, and exploration of Supply Chain Management in and outside Bangladesh.


Our vision is to provide a window to the outside world, access to vast amounts of information, a way to connect with each other, and a springboard for the Supply Chain Professionals.

Organization Story

In 2007 a few students of CSM batch 1 took initiative to take trip to Bandarban, which eventually sowed the seed of Alumni. Students of first batch made yahoo group mail for the purpose of networking

By 2008 a good number of students, trainers started thinking to form a Alumni

In 2009 ideas generated as to how Alumni gets start

In early 2010 our idea of forming Alumni has been praised by ITC and SAS got extra momentum and a formal committee comprising 21 members was formed and our dream turned into reality. ITC’s seminars in Kenya, China and Malaysia endorsed concept of Alumni as an effective driver of networking

In 2011 we were approached by organizations called SMC (Social Marketing Company), Catalyst, Competent Agriculture Solution (India) and Exporo to jointly carry out research/knowledge based activities

In 2011 DCCI extended supports to hold monthly meeting and assurance of all possible supports

In 2012 applied for registration

SAS has been created to bring together the persons who are involved with International Trade Center (ITC)’s MLS in SCM (P) programme conducted by the DCCI Business Institute (DBI), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

This is a platform where members of SAS can share information and experiences in their respective professions and update their knowledge in all professional fields through networking. A new 18-member Executive Committee of SCM (Supply Chain Management) Alumni Society (SAS) was elected recently for 2017-2019 in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the organisation.


Year Achievement
2006 DCCI launched MLS-SCM Program
2007 MLS-SCM 1st Batch students created an Yahoo Mail Group for networking
2008 Both Students & Trainers thought to form an Association named SAS
2009 The idea of SAS was appreciated in ITC’s seminars in Kenya, China and Malaysia
2010 A formal Committee of SAS formed comprising of 21 members
2011 DCCI extended their support to hold monthly meeting in the Chamber Building
2012 Registration from JSC (Joint Stock Company) that was the 1st registered SCM Association in BD

About MLS-SCM Program by DCCI

Our Strengths & Accomplishments

  • Group of experienced SCM Professional
  • Close attachment with the large entities like ITC, DCCI etc.
  • Close relationship with other SCM alliances in BD
  • Successful International Seminars & Knowledge Sharing Sessions on SCM & Leadership Mgt. by eminent Trainer cum Management Expert of the Sub-continent
  • Expansion of SAS network to Kenya, China, Malaysia through participations in ITC seminars on MLS-SCM Programs
  • Maintaining Professional Network for Information Sharing to facilitate sourcing of Products and Services on regular basis
  • Regular EC and fellowship Meetings are conducted to ensure the continuous development and well-being of the group and it’s associated professionals.

Our Mottos

  • Build-up Supply Chain Vision for 2030
  • Plan – 99% accuracy in sustainable SCM
  • Create – Future Leaders through eligibility
  • Explore – joint collaboration with the Partners
  • Develop – agile SCM for changed world

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